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Public & Commercial Aquariums

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Custom & Large Residential Aquariums

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Infinity Swimming Pool Acrylic Panels

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Zoos & Waterparks

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Ponds & Water Decorative


Aqualife is a full scale Public Aquarium Contractor. The services we provide vary from aquarium design to maintenance, covering all technical aspects to bring to life your vision.

Aquarium Operator

We build & operate large custom acrylic & glass aquariums of the highest quality with 8 years leakage warranty. We provide personalized services all over the world.

Themed Enviroment

Aqualife and its subcontractors are dedicated in creating unique wet and dry theming structures. We are theming contractors for public aquariums and water parks.


Aqualife specialized staff has extensive experience in the design, development, installation and maintenance of beautiful and original water features. Aqualife is a manufacturer, supplier, full scale contractor & operator of large and public aquariums, animated dancing fountains, koi ponds & cascades. Regarding the aquariums and ponds, our aim is to recreate an environment as similar as possible to the beautiful natural surroundings of all aquatic species. We design water decoratives by using the highest quality materials that will result to impressive features with low maintenance cost. The company’s main concern is to provide satisfactory services to our customers and our goal is to create a maintenance program that fits our client’s specialized needs, schedule and budget.

We never expected our pond to look better than the real lake we have next to our hotel resort. Feeding our Koi fish is something our clients love to do every morning while they are having their breakfast.

Manos Koulias. CEO - Natura Park Village Resort

They solved all complex technical issues we had to face with when building this huge aquarium at Santa Barbara residence. Thank you for your professionalism and support.

Eng. Michalis Ataliotis, Project Manager for the Santa Barbara VIP residence

Aqualife changed our corporate offices with its wonderful live reef marine aquarium. The aquarium looks even better than what we ever expected. Thank you!

Vlassis Lapatas - CEO at Enter to Travel

Great aquascaping and hazzle free maintenance.

Elena Liberis - Liberis Publications

They solved all existing life support problems we had to live with from the previous installator and today manages our aquarium with a very innovative way.

George Karivalis - General Manager at Metro Mall of Athens

Aqualife worked during night time and provide us the highest possible quality of services, polishing the acrylic panels of the Dubai Aquarium.

Eng. Nick Payne - Dutco Balfour

Aqualife maintenance services made our La Mer aquariums look better than ever before.

Miss Maria Papanastassiou - Brand Manager, La Mer

Aqualife did a great job on the installation of the aquariums of the Rainforest Cafe in Cairo, Egypt.

Sherif Wagdy, General Manager - Rainforest Cafe, Cairo

Concrete Repairs

Our Concrete repairs solutions will solve all your waterproofing issues so to have a safe and solid concrete pool. We have vast experience dealing with concrete repairs for aquarium & swimming pool walls.

Acrylic Polishing

Our acrylic polishing services will bring back the clarity and high visibility of your damaged panel. Whether on an infinity pool panel or wet polishing on a public aquarium facility we deliver premium services all over the world.


Our maintenance services are operated by marine biologists with long experience in handling residential and commercial aquariums & ponds, anytime, anywhere in the world.



Companies & Institutions that trust us

Promontorio Architecture
Athens Metro Mall
The Dubai Aquarium
Limassol Zoo
Waterdog Products INC
Elena Venizelou Hospital
Four Seasons Hotel Cairo
Natura Park Village
Hotel Blue Sea
Lamda Development
Island Club
Copa Copana

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